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Townsville Queensland Australia

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Friends of St James


The Friends of St James’ Cathedral

As Members our aims are to:

  • Extend the influence of the Cathedral in the Diocese and City of Townsville
  • Help to ensure, for future generations, the presence and security of a great building which continues to be an inspiration to all who visit it
  • Encourage the development of community interest and contact with the Cathedral to promote pastoral, cultural and historical programs
  • Support the Chapter in their concern for the physical welfare of the Cathedral
  • Provide support for Cathedral events
  • Provide support through regular financial membership
  • Act as stewards and/or guides to exercise a ministry to visitors
  • Assist in the Cathedral Gift Shop (when established)
  • Provide financial support for particular projects that help to maintain or enhance the Cathedral
  • Sponsor social events and assist with their organisation, including catering
  • Sponsor events where members of the Cathedral community and invited guests may have an exchange of views on matters of mutual interest and/or learn more about activities of the Cathedral
  • Support social events which can provide opportunities for networking and outreach to the wider community
  • Actively seek to expand membership

As a Member you will be able to:

  • Support the life of the mother church of the Diocese
  • Support the conservation of a national treasure
  • Participate in caring for the Cathedral, maintaining its worship and fabric, enhancing its beauty and extending its influence in the Diocese and City of Townsville
  • Join a world-wide community of people who support the Cathedral, have an interest in its life and share a concern for its physical welfare.
  • Receive invitations to attend occasional social gatherings where you can meet other people with similar interests and enjoy good fellowship.
  • Receive advance notice of special Cathedral events, including Services of Worship, Music Recitals and other activities of interest
  • Receive a regular copy of the Cathedral’s newsletter “The Anglican Visitor”
  • Receive a regular copy of the Friends Newsletter

Membership Applications are now available

Please contact Friends at e-mail:

Membership Fees: Ordinary Membership $30, Family $40, Corporate $250, Life $500, Concession (Student/Pensioner) $20, Remote $20.

Corporate Membership includes one free advertisement in the Newsletter.

Meetings are scheduled for the first Wednesday of each month at 7pm at St James Cathedral and anyone interested is encouraged to attend.


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